Inter-ventions: Amplify

Role UX Designer

Year 2022

UX Research, Marketing Design, Social Media Design

UX Team
Catherine Clark, Jack Vogelsang, Gigi Gleghorn, China Qin, Elsie Wang, Jenny Chen, Erin Kim, Vanessa Peng, Julia Shaeffler
As the largest team on Scout, the Conference team is responsible for creating a new brand and experience every year that brings together Northeastern and the greater design community of Boston. Interventions: Amplify marks the first in-person conference Scout has held since the pandemic, and the first hybrid conference that was hosted. With four internal teams working in tandem, Interventions: Amplify was held on April 9, 2022 with a little over 200 attendees, ranging from high school students to industry experts.

Interventions: Amplify focuses on creatives, organizations and advocates who have been working through design to lift up underrepresented and marginalized voices. Through panels, workshops and keynote speakers, the goal was for attendees to walk away with a new realization on how design can have an impact on our rapidly changing society. 

The existing Conference team had already spent the previous semester crafting Amplify’s brand image from scratch. The goal for the UX team was to take these existing brand elements and curate a remarkable experience for attendees both in-person and online. In the beginning stages, we took a walk through the event location to determine the best placement for everything that would be happening day-of (workshops, catering, registration, green rooms, and even a marketplace!) We also determined that wayfinding would be important, and crafted signage specific to each area in the open atrium.

After determining location of each event, the next step was crafting the schedule. The team had to keep into account the user journeies of both in-person and virtual attendees. A sample schedule was made, and the greater team at hand helped to identify both pain points and success moments that
might come up during the day.

One of the main responsibilities of the UX team was to generate excitement for the event through social media. Working in tandem with the Marketing team, we created Instagram stories and posts that would help to garner attention to all Interventions had to offer. 

A press kit was also created in order to
give others the ability to share information about the conference as well. Working together with other designers, I helped to develop various designs that could be translated onto both print and digital marketing material. Some of these include: social posts, email banners, posters, and slides for presentations. 

The responsibilities of the UX team expanded beyond just design. We also became the touch points for speakers and volunteers, wherever there was any needed support. Each member of the UX team was tasked with keeping in contact with speakers, updating them on upcoming due dates. The scope of work for the UX team matriculated into the day of the conference as well, ensuring all attendees, speakers, vendors and volunteers enjoyed the 2022 Interventions: Amplify conference.